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Representation of the dynamics of the integrated development of an
urban center with city scale facilities in a brand design.
Pakuwon City

Pakuwon Jati is the pioneer of the Superblock concept in Indonesia, a large-scale integrated mixed-use development of retail shopping mall, office, condominium and hotel. Its successful track record and reputation within the property industry has secured strong long-term relationships with tenants and buyers, which provides a stable platform for rapid business expansion.

Branding Challenges and Solutions                                                                                 

In 1994, Pakuwon Jati was inspired to develop and expand the concept of a residential environment with a marine atmosphere called Laguna Indah on a 600 ha plot of land in East Surabaya. This residential complex was renamed in 2004 as Pakuwon Laguna.

This residential area concept grew and was perfected with the idea of a “future development concept” resulting in the “one stop living concept” encompassing the provision of city scale facilities. This combined the residential concept with the concepts of business and leisure areas, which would be realized in an attractive urban center given the new of Pakuwon City.

The branding platform was based on the core idea of “The Dynamic Expansion” that represents the milestone, which reflect the image of dynamic development that creates a point of difference that separates Pakuwon City from others urban center development concepts.

The brand identity is set forth with the endorsement of the existing brand identity of the group (Pakuwon Group), plus the introduction of a new treatment of the world “City”. A sense of superiority is set forth in the image of three pillars representing the concept of combining residential, business and leisure areas. As a unified symbol, this identity voices a statement about the dynamics of integrated development that has no match. The vibrancy of the mix of colors for the brochure echoes the new excitement of a city full of brightness and festivity that reflects the image of a road marked by significant advancements. The messages and images flow into an invitation to experience and prove the superiority of Pakuwon City.


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