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Brand design for the first revolving Islamic credit card in the world
that provides opportunities to earn miles for travel anywhere
on any airline.

Al Ahli-National Commercial Bank (NCB) was founded in 1953 and became the first established bank in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. NCB, the largest bank in terms of capital in both Saudia Arabia and the Middle East, operates 2 international branches in Beirut and Bahrain, as well as 4 representatives offices in London, Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.

Branding Challenges and Solutions

The Amyali (My Mile) credit card issued by NCB is being introduced as the first revolving Islamic credit card in the world that provides exciting opportunities to earn miles for travel anywhere on any airline.

The objective of this program is to establish the Amyali card as the preffered frequent flyer program in Saudi Arabia with unique benefits that provide more choices than ever before.

The main challenge of this project is to develop a brand design that can be powerful tool in reinforcing the awareness of the program in order to make Amyali the top frequent flyer program in Saudi Arabia.

The branding platform was based on the core idea of “Discover the Freedom” that emphasized within the conveyance of the brand concept, the uniqueness and excellence of this program, which supports the idea that this program is not dedicated to only one specific airline.

The look and feel for brand identity and the card were built upon the deepest essence of the intended brand personality, which related to being modern, smart and dynamic.

Brand identity design: The brand identity evolved smoothly from simply evoking the image of an arrow with a high degree of abstraction that directly symbolizes “Discover the Freedom”. The symbol plays a distinctive, appropriate and valued role within the Amyali’ credit card design and the brand collaterals that lead to a simple statement in capturing the essence of the program.

The brand identity
The Arabic typographic execution by Momentum Seven, Dubai and the overall look and feel of brand identity were developed fully under supervision of Inkara Brand Consulting

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