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Brand design and brand name creation for a private banking entity
owned by Bank Mega.
Mega First

Bank Mega is a private bank in Indonesia that has been growing rapidly and steadily, and which has become a financial institution that is comparable to the foremost banks in the Asia Pacific region. It has received various awards and achievements at national, regional as well as international level.


Branding Challenges and Solutions

Mega first, a business division of Bank Mega, previously existed under the brand name Priority Banking Bank Mega. At that time, the management of Bank Mega came to the conclusion that the generic quality of that brand name created the perception in the customer’s minds that “Priority Banking” was one other than the same financial services and products quality offered by others.
The branding platform was based on the core idea of “Banking where You are the Priority” that represents a sense of privilege and exploits a very personal relationship between Bank Mega “Priority Banking” and the customers, a group of people who need a higher level of banking to match their rising level of success.

Brand name creation: The final decision was to continue to endorse the name “Mega” and to follow it up with the world “First” as a statement of premium quality. The brand name of Mega First was introduce as signs of the preferential treatment for selected customers, which reflected the endeavor of Bank Mega to strengthen this bond further.

Brand identity design: From the onset of the initial development of the design, a logotype approach was establish in order to avoid the use of any symbol that could complete with Bank Mega’s brand identity. The brand identity and collaterals has already raised the sense of premium status through simplicity and the use of the primary tones of black and gold.


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