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Representing the optimal added value that encompasses the mission
of an eye care specialist clinic.
Netra-Klinik Spesialis Mata

Netra-Klinik Spesialis Mata (Eye Care Specialist Clinic) was founded by a group of doctors specializing in optometry. Other than its commercial purposes, Netra also has the important social mission of helping those less fortunate to receive proper medical care.

Branding Challenges and Solutions

In the currently shifting social culture, customer demands for quality eye care extend not only to the fulfillment of medical needs, nor are they simply based on affordability. To meet this demand, Netra reveals significant value through optimal service in providing pleasant and comfortable medical services guided by experienced and compassionate clinical professionals.

The main challenge in building Netra’s brand identity is how to represent the optimal added value that encompasses the mission of the organization, making it much more than just a traditional eye care provider.

Inkara was engaged by the founders of Netra to develop a brand name and brand identity in order to create awareness of their existence in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, where presently there are 2 eye care facilities; a hospital targeted at the middle to lower segment of society, and a clinic that prides itself on the advanced technology they use.

The creation of brand identity is tailored to a target market consisting of the upper-middle class, with the intent of communicating the concept of service for all without becoming trapped in a cheap clinic image in terms of prices for services.

The branding platform was based on the core idea of “The Shinning Light of Brightness” that represents the spirit of Netra’s founders with their heartfelt vision of shining the light of medical excellence through service to the people based on strict adherence to professional principles in order to provide the best service possible to meet the needs and fulfill the demands of this era.

Brand name creation: Netra, which means “sight” in Sanskrit, has been adopted into the Indonesian language. At core, the brand name is clearly descriptive of what the clinic does. However, the really good news is that the name Netra has marketing potential that does not derive solely from its meaning. This potential derives from the fact that the word Netra exists in the Indonesian language, so that there are no pronunciation, phonetic or semantic issues that could lead to undesirable associations among locals.

Brand identity design: The brand identity expresses the blend of compassionate care, excellent service and expertise. The circle and colors add dimension to the overall meaning that stands for “The Shinning Light of Brightness”.

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