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Brand Study | The brand study offered by Inkara Brand Consulting is a customer-based brand equity study that identifies the strength of a brand in its market, including the level of brand awareness, brand associations, quality, brand loyalty as well as other proprietary brand assets. This customer-based brand equity study is a specific methodological study customized for every client’s brand. The brand study approach involves both qualitative and quantitative measurement involving both internal and external stakeholders. It can also involve a simpler approach of analysis of in-depth interviews of key management supported by review of existing company literature.

Brand Strategy | Inkara Brand Consulting has BrandStar™; a proprietary branding methodology. Our methodology provides a structured approach to branding cases that covers branding cases that encompasses a value proposition model and a brand equity building model to ensure that the brand strategy is carried out in developing successful branding for specific goals.

Brand Identity | Inkara Brand Consulting offers unique, relevant and systematic brand identity solutions with an aesthetic edge. The services included under brand identity are brand naming, brand logo, brand graphics, brand line as well as brand identity guidelines.

Internal Brand Engagement | The starting point for the journey of a particular brand is the development of the soul of the brand in the heart and mind of management and employees. Inkara Brand Consulting provides coaching sessions and workshops to help management and employees understand the brand, how to support the brand and to motivate them to choose the right behavior in relation to the brand.



















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