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SAP: Internal Brand Engagement

Looking forward to further business development, SAP, is targeting new customers and the development of new projects and managed services, which means that branding is considered important to enable SAP to compete effectively as a managed services provider in telecommunication infrastructure in the future. To this end, SAP, which has built and is wielding a new brand identity, enlisted Inkara to provided brand training for all of its directors, managers, and staff. The training sessions underlined the need for SAP’s new brand identity to reflect the brand values and brand positioning of SAP.

Buma: Internal Brand Engagement
Buma Enters a New Era

Buma’s entry into a new era is marked by the transformation of the company from its former ownership to become an integral part of the PT Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk holding company. This transformation has given birth to a new brand identity developed by Inkara Brand Consulting to present Buma as a reliable partner. The brand identity launching was held at a gala gathering attended by the board of commissioners, the board of directors and managers.

Bit: Internal Brand Engagement
Bit Launches New Brand Identity to Reinforce Its Brand Image

In follow-up to the development of the new brand identity for Bit, Inkara Brand Consulting provided brand identity training to all directors, managers and staff of PT Bit Teknologi Nusantara. This brand training explained the competitive edge of the Bit brand as an innovative and forward thinking telecommunications network infrastructure provider. This session also emphasized the necessity of discipline and commitment from all levels of the company to ensure the effective implementation of the Bit identity as set out clearly in the Bit brand guidelines.

Patra Jasa: Branding Case Study Sharing
A Presentation to the Board of Directors of Patra Jasa

Inkara Brand Consulting was given the opportunity to share a few case studies related to the brand strategy and brand design development for hospitality and property sector to the board of directors of Patra Jasa. The program as part of the introduction of new corporate values and the company road map.

Patra Jasa: Internal Brand Engagement
Carrying Through on A New Work Culture and Identity

Inkara Brand Consulting provided branding training for the Board of Directors and General Managers of Patra Jasa from all over Indonesia to familiarize them with the brand strategy and implimentation of Patra Jasa’s new brand identity. This training provided knowledge of the process of branding, especially for the hospitality and property business. 

Sentosa Residence Jakarta Sales Club: Branding Training
Understanding the Roles of Branding in the Property Business

Inkara Brand Consulting has provided branding training for Sentosa Residence Jakarta Sales Club to instill a comprehensive understanding of the brand, starting with a basic understanding of branding opportunities in the property business and the establishment of sharp, strong brand positioning, as well as an overview of the entire brand building process within the property business. This session was facilitated by Bahama Group, as the developer of Sentosa Residence Jakarta, which is part of the brand family of Sentosa Worldwide Resorts.

Telkomsel: Branding Workshop
Strategic and Tactical Implementation in Brand Development

Inkara Brand Consulting was entrusted with providing branding workshop to the product marketing team and the pricing and profitability management team of Telkomsel. This branding workshop is divided into four sessions, over a period of one month. These sessions cover the provision of a basic understanding of brands and branding, key elements of a branding strategy, knowledge of strategies and their tactical implementation in branding programs, group presentations, and the discussion of how to develop an integrated branding program, which includes brand communication and developing creative ideas.

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