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Representation of core values through brand identity for the largest
pure-play mining contractor listed in Indonesia.
Delta Dunia

Delta Dunia is the largest pure play mining contractor listed in Indonesia. The brand identity reflects their core values of: Good Corporate Governance, strong commitment to achieving added value for all stakeholders and business partners, implementing best practices and resourcefulness while possessing the highest level of integrity

In the symbol, the word “Dunia” means “Earth” in Bahasa Indonesia while the shape is meant to signify symbolically their values of the highest levels of integrity and a committed management team.

The use of color blue in the brand identity denotes their professionalism and trustworthiness while green conveys their commitment towards environmentally sustainable business practices.

The movement symbolized by the forms and the composition of the design in the brand identity is meant to highlight the concept that Delta Dunia is an active consolidator in the coal mining industry with a solid edge in various elements of the industry’s overall value chain that it uses to provide added value for stakeholders and business partners.

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