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Brand identity refinement, packaging label design.

PT Sekawan Abadi Prima

Rejuvenating and solidifying the overall brand design of a baby care
product throughout the whole product variant.
My Baby

My Baby is a baby care product range consist of powder, soap, shampoo, oil and lotion. A brand design refinement was needed in order to revitalize the look and feel, as well as to reinforce attractiveness and uniqueness of the packaging design.

Branding Challenges and Solutions

The objective of the design and label change is mainly to retain the existing customers, with its fresher, cuter and nicer approach that better features and focuses on the modern aspects of ‘My Baby’. The ‘My Baby’ brand should no longer be perceived as the cheap brand and more should be able to compete with the main competitor.

Inkara’s brand design platform was based on the core idea of “Conveying a Fresh, Cute and ‘Baby’ Look”. The design’s strengths are in the conveyance of clearer more interesting information supported by the overall attractive design. It’s capable of attracting consumers to get to know ‘My Baby’ products better.


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