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PT Citraceria Usaha Khalifah
PT Marintur Indonesia
PT Patra Jasa
Industrial and Manufacturing
PT Arianto Darmawan
PT Rekayasa Industri
Institutions and Nonprofits
Bina Nusantara
Darul Hikam Foundation
• Duta Bangsa
• Galeri Nasional Indonesia
• Syamsi Dhuha Foundation
• Visi Indonesia 21 by Modernisator Indonesia
• Yayasan Akbar Bersama
Investment Service
• PT Optima Kharya Capital Management
• PT Infomedia Nusantara
PT Radio Madinatussalam
• Dames and Moore Indonesia
• Point Square Mall
• PT HM Sampoerna Tbk
• PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (Persero)

Sentosa Residence Jakarta

Sentosa Worldwide Resorts goes far beyond just being another development. Sentosa is a way of life, an experience of luxury; fun and happiness in sophisticated style. A Sentosa property product offers the best value, with no style and design shortcuts; the focus is on development of unique design based in a luxury driven philosophy. Strong commitment to establishing Sentosa Residence Jakarta as the most unique experience of luxury through all aspects of its physical design and atmosphere created and developed by the very best in their field.

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