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A brand design for the first memorial park in Indonesia and the first
memorial park in the world with a family center.
San Diego Hills
Passion for Life

PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk is a leading broad-based property company in Indonesia. The Group’s principal activities are housing and land development, healthcare and hospitals, as well as infrastructure and hospitality.

Branding Challenges and Solutions

San Diego Hills is an innovative property product offered by PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk. It’s being introduced as the first memorial park in Indonesia and the first memorial park in the world with a family center—an area that consists of a restaurant, a sidewalk café, a convention center, shopping outlets and many more attractions for the family. The memorial park is presented to all faiths; Garden of Creation for Christians and Catholics, Heavenly Garden for Moslems and Garden of Prosperity and Joy for Buddhists and Chinese.

The main objective of this project is to promote San Diego Hills as a brand that is capable of delivering a comprehensive solution to families in managing preparations for providing a permanent final resting place.

The branding platform was based on the core idea of “Passion for Life” that reflects the commonality of the targeted audience, that is people who prize quality of life and have a desire for perfection. The intended message clearly represents the underlying promise of the product offering.

This case has a special challenge in that pre-arrangement of funerals is a highly sensitive matter that is not yet customary in Indonesia. The delivery of the message may spark a strong emotional reaction from the target audience that could in turn reflect positively or negatively on the property offered.

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