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Revamping brand identity for a market leading bank in the home
loan sector in Indonesia.
Bank BTN

Bank BTN, a state-owned company with more than 180 offices throughout Indonesia, is the market leader in housing, consumer, and small and medium scale enterprise loans.

Branding Challenges and Solutions

In 2008, Bank BTN prioritized the revamping of its brand identity to bring its brand image into line with its burgeoning business development.

This decision encompassed 3 main agendas: transform the image of Bank BTN from that of a home loan bank for the low-income segment to that of a loan provider for all segments of society, strengthen Bank BTN’s brand identity management that has lost its focus and strengthen the image behind the Bank BTN brand as one of the core pillars of preparations for an initial public offering.

The branding platform is based on the core idea of “The Bank for Aspiring People”, Bank BTN, as an empathic banking institution that can make dreams come true, is the perfect partner for people with aspirations of a better life. Based on this platform, Inkara has undertaken a brand design audit for the existing brand identity rooted in the documentation of various designs applied as brand collateral at Bank BTN offices throughout Indonesia.

The final decision from the management of Bank BTN was for the refinement of the structure of the brand identity, including its shape, typography and application system. The results of this program have been set out in the brand guidelines and through internal training.

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