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PT Sekawan Abadi Prima

Rebranding a business with standing as a national asset into a company considered a market leader in the engineering, procurement and construction.

Rekind-PT Rekayasa Industry was established by the Indonesian government in 1981 to support the development of an independent nation through excellence in the field of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

Rekind focused on a number of priorities in its efforts to become a market leader, both locally and internationally, in the field of EPC; one of them being the rebranding program. This included an initial brand equity study for Rekind, with the following purposes in mind: understand the added values inherent in Rekind, understand what Rekind's stakeholders have experienced and learned about the Rekind brand overtime, as well as providing recommendations to support development of brand strategy, brand identity, and brand communication for Rekind.

In order to optimally focus its rebranding program, Rekind was advised to communicate clearly its value proposition, and to reinforce the message that Rekind is a reputable and experienced industrial services company, while pointing out that Rekind is expanding its scope of business with an eye to entering the investment sector.

The change in the brand logo was expression of Rekind's existence as a dynamic company that continuously innovates toward perfecting its service provision, while consistently improving its capacity to face all challenges in the industry and to fulfill its commitment well into the future.


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